Hotel Lo Scirocco

The Hotel Lo Scirocco is situated on the western coast of the island of Elba. The hotel and bed and breakfast has two beautiful terraces, with view over the famous bay of Fetovaia. Fetovaia is one of the most popular beaches of Elba Island and measures approximately 150 meters in length. The resort Fetovaia is ideal for family holidays and sport holidays. Thanks to its location in the south of the island, you benefit from a mild climate even in the off season.
The hotel Lo Scirocco has a garden bar with a big room, ideal for organizing events. The kitchen serves local and international dishes, for the fish lovers there is the fish soup and grilled fish. The hotel has all the amenities for a comfortable and relaxing stay on the island. The rooms are furnished with the most modern hotel standards with air conditioning and heating, satellite TV, direct phone, safe, mini-fridge on request free, Wi-Fi, bathroom with shower and hairdryer. Each room has a private balcony or terrace.
The hotel Lo Scirocco offers guests a covered private parking. It also offers various discounts. For example, in the bathing Estalishment of Fetovaia or for the guided tours through the Nationalpark of the Tuscan Archipelago, which are even free in the off season.

Hotel Lo Scirocco - Loc. Fetovaia,84 - 57034 Campo nell'Elba (LI)
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The beach of Fetovaia is one of the most beautiful beaches on the south west side of the island of Elba. It is also one of the most popular beaches in Italy. The bay is protected by a narrow strip of land, which is covered with the Mediterranean woods.

This part of the island and the Costa del Sole is certainly the most beautiful and most characteristic part of the island of Elba, and the favorite of the most tourists who spend their holidays on the island of Elba. Fetovaia is not only ideal for family vacations, but also for groups and sporting holidays. The bay provides a crystal-clear water with a diverse flora and fauna.

Narrow valleys go from Fetovaia towards Monte Capanne. This is the ideal place for trekking and climbing. The vegetation is low and sparse, because of the situation in the southwest and the salty wind. The landscape seems to be among the more southern latitudes, where we can see, in fact, palms and banana trees. This site is very different from the north side of Monte Capanne (1019 m), which is characterized by chestnut trees. The explanation probably lies in the fact that the Monte Capanne keeps most northern rain clouds on the north side.

Fetovaia is a charming seaside town with a small village and is part of the municipality of Campo nell'Elba. It is far away from the hustle and therefore is it ideal for a relaxing holiday. Fetivaia has no stores, but for those who want evening entertainment and shops, you reach in 9 km Marina di Campo.